Nairobi, Kenya. 3


Hey ya loves! 🙂

On the day I was to leave for school, I decided to take a small tour of Nairobi. All these pictures are of the CBD. There’s so much you can do within the city. Like paddle boat at the Central Park (Uhuru Park). Or climb to the KICC helipad for the most gorgeous view of the city. All for a dollar or two! 🙂




20150828_112325 20150828_113742



Also, this is what 25 shillings can get you in Nairobi. 🙂


Always be kind.




11 thoughts on “Nairobi, Kenya. 3

  1. I love how you went out to see the city and took awesome pictures while at it. So good to see another Kenyan do it.
    Love your blog. Now I want to visit Russia, it is the only known cure for our disease,wanderlust. 😊
    Enjoy your school stay Diana.

    1. Hey Ruskin! 🙂 Thank you! I love it when I see other fellow Kenyans exploring their own country too. It has so much to offer. Also, you should definitely come and tour Russia.

  2. These are very beautiful images of Kenya. I hopeto visit one day. I am very interested in buying the work that people do from various countries.

    1. Hey Donna! 🙂 I hope you do visit Kenya one day. There are lots of beautiful art and craft you can collect while there. And I’m sure you’ll love the experience. ❤

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