Taking Stock: 006


Making:¬†a movie for my upcoming blog anniversary. It’s been a year full of adventure! ūüôā

Eating: breakfast as I write this.

Drinking: lots¬†of water. A¬†5 litre bottle doesn’t last more than 3 days over here. ūüôā

Reading: traumatology books.

Wanting: it to snow. Its been a dry holiday season.

Playing: Photogragh by Ed Sheeran.

Wasting: no time in getting my 2016 travel diary filled.

Creating:¬†lists of places I’d love to visit in¬†2016.

Wishing: I was spending the holiday season with my family back at home.

Enjoying: a cup of milk.

Liking:¬†Brooke’s travel blog.

Wondering:¬†where I’m going to live after I¬†graduate. You know, like where I’m going to build a¬†home.

Loving:¬†Patricia Bright’s videos. She’s hilarious!

Hoping: that everyone is healthy and happy.

Marveling: at the pretty roses my love¬†got me last night. ūüôā

Looking: through my travel blog and loving how everything has turned out so far.

Needing: a massage.

Smelling:¬†peanut butter. I’m taking breakfast. ūüôā

Wearing: a chunky orange sweater and denim shorts.

Following: lots of travel photographers on Instagram. Hello Emilie is my favourite.

Knowing: that I should always say yes to the things that make me happy.

Thinking: of how fast the year has gone by.

Feeling: very, very blessed. And thankful.

Opening: nothing.

Watching: just watched Concussion, a movie featuring Will Smith. His art is impeccable in this one.

Giggling:¬†laughing at some video that went viral on YouTube called Instagram Husband. You’ll love it! ūüôā

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Always be kind,



Taking Stock: 005


Making: plans for my upcoming winter break.

Eating: lots of cereal.

Drinking: enough water daily.

Reading: my favourite travel blogs every chance I get.

Wanting: it to snow already.

Playing: Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor.

Wasting: nothing.

Creating: resolutions for 2016.

Wishing: I had a personal photographer.

Enjoying:¬†my 20s! ūüôā

Liking:¬†Ed Sheeran’s¬†¬†Thinking Out Loud.

Wondering: how life will be like once I start working.

Loving:¬†Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do¬†as well.

Hoping: and praying for world peace.

Marveling: at how beautiful the world is.

Looking: forward to 2016! It’s gonna be a great year. I can feel it.

Needing: to be on a warm beach, eating coconuts and playing in crystal clear water.

Smelling:¬†lavender. There are burning candles in the room. ūüôā

Wearing: turquoise nail polish.

Following: A number of Instagrammers from the Philippines.

Knowing: that everyone is beautiful and uniquely created¬†ūüôā

Thinking: of warming myself a cup of milk.

Feeling: more than blessed.


Watching:¬†How To Get Away With Murder every Sunday. It airs on Wednesdays but I save it for Sundays. ūüôā

Giggling:¬†laughing so hard after watching the Shaqtin’ a Fool videos. Also, Shaquille O’Neal is just too funny.

Always be kind.



Taking Stock: 004

Making: less smoothies because…winter is coming. Haha ūüėÄ For real though. Now that summer is gone and autumn is half way through, finding fresh fruits in the markets is almost impossible.

Eating: pretty heavy breakfasts lately. Which is a very, very good thing.

Drinking: lots of milk this weekend.

Reading: Craving Yellow, a natural hair blog.

Wanting: a bowl of fruit salad right about now.

Playing: Sugar, by Maroon 5.

Wasting: nothing, I hope.

Creating: a wall collage of my Instagram travel pictures right above my study table.

Wishing: that autumn/winter didn’t have to be so damn cold.

Enjoying: the weekend. A little break from school is always treasured.

Liking: this song.

Wondering: if I should take a trip during the winter holidays or save up for a new laptop. Hmm…

Loving: my mama and papa more and more each day. I’m really grateful for them. ‚̧

Hoping: the invisible mosquitos in my room would just go away already. I keep waking up with new mosquito bites on my face every other morning. I should probably just buy a different kind of repellant for my room.

Marveling: at how delicate life really is.

Looking: forward to class tomorrow. ūüôā My clinical cycles keep getting more and more interesting. I’m doing Infectious Diseases now. I only have 2 more weeks left¬†and¬†I don’t want it to end. ūüė¶ Also, my teacher is amazing.

Needing: to feel better soon.

Smelling: nothing. I have a cold.

Wearing: my PJs.

Following: Adam. How does one have such amazing style, tho?! Check him out. You’ll see what I mean.

Noticing: that I have gained a little weight. ūüôā

Knowing: that what I do actually makes me happy. I’d do both medicine and blogging for free, but somebody has to pay my bills, right? ūüôā

Thinking: of making myself some hot lemon water to help with the cold and sore throat.

Feeling: happy and grateful for my blessings.

Opening: wish I was opening the door for a delivery of a huge bouquet of fresh flowers.

Watching: Blackish! Why did it take me soo long to learn about this one?! ūüėģ Hands down, the best comedy I’ve ever watched since Friends. Yeah, it’s that good.

Giggling: smiling at the thought of finally putting this post up. ūüôā

Always be kind.



Visa Free Countries For Kenyan Passport Holders.


I’ve always whined about having so many travel restrictions because I hold¬†a Kenyan Passport, but not any more. I’m not a fan of visa application processes and I’ve always wished that it was just all about buying the ticket and leaving. If only it was that simple.

So I’ve chosen¬†to look at the glass as being half full rather than half empty, because that way, I’ll be more grateful and happy about¬†the blessings that I¬†already have, instead of being grumpy and sad about the things that I¬†can’t change.

After searching around on the internet, I found out that there are quite a number of countries that allow visa free entry to Kenyan Passport Holders.

Here they go, in alphabetical order:

1. Antigua & Barbuda

2. Bahamas

3. Botswana

4. British Virgin Islands

5. Burundi

6. Barbados

7. Cayman Islands

8. Comoros

9. Costa Rica

10. Dominica

11. Dominican Republic

12. Ethiopia

13. Fiji

14. Grenada

15. Ghana

16. Haiti

17. Hong Kong

18. Jamaica

19. Lesotho

20. Macau

21. Malaysia

22. Malawi

23. Micronesia

24. Montserrat

25. Namibia

26. Nauru

27. Panama

28. Philippines

29. Rwanda

30. Saint Helena

31. Saint Kitts & Nevis

32. Saint Vincent Grenadines

33. Samoa

34. Seychelles

35. Singapore

36. Swaziland

37. Tanzania

38. Trinidad & Tobago

39. Tuvalu

40. Uganda

41. Vanuatu

42. Zambia

43. Zimbabwe

Do contact the embassies of the countries you plan to visit prior to your trip to find out whether there are any requirements that need to be taken care of beforehand.

Always be kind.



Taking Stock: 003


My first month as a 5th year medical student is almost coming to an end as I write this and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the school year goes. So far so good. The¬†clinical cycles are more intense now and so are my¬†professors, which makes me realize how closer and closer I keep getting¬†to finally be working as a doctor! ūüėģ

Let’s take our monthly stock now, shall we? ūüôā

Making: lists of places that I would like to visit next year.

Eating: taking my multivitamins regularly.

Drinking:¬†smoothies for breakfast now. I got myself a blender and it’s still watermelon season over here! Those two combined¬†is just HEAVEN!

Reading: about to study for my gynaecology class tomorrow.

Wanting: the gynaecology cycle to last a bit longer. It’s one of the¬†top 3 specialties I’m considering pursuing.

Playing:¬†this and this¬†Ali Kiba songs over and over again. Thank me later. ūüôā

Wasting:¬†wasted quite an amount of money this September. All because I hadn’t budgeted for the month as I normally do. I feel so bad because I might have saved that money and used it for¬†a couple of trips in future. ūüė¶

Creating: taking pictures for my next blog post already.

Wishing:¬†for world peace. The situation in Syria fills me with sorrow. ūüė¶

Enjoying:¬†the summer that has refused to leave. It’s already autumn but middays are still burning at 31 degrees celsius. I just love the fact that I can throw on a short dress and a pair of cute sandals and be off to¬†class. Simple!

Liking:¬†the fact that I don’t have any lectures on Saturdays. So my weekends pretty much start at midday every Saturday. It could be worse. ūüôā

Wondering:¬†when I’ll finally get to repair my braids¬†because they’re¬†starting to look a bit…you know. :/

Loving:¬†my new room. I moved into a new,¬†cheaper and way¬†prettier apartment¬†earlier this month. Also, my housemates are really cool! ūüôā

Hoping: to do well in all the clinical cycles I have left.

Marveling: at how pretty flowers still manage to look given the extreme temperatures around here lately.

Looking: forward to getting my savings on check. I’m planning on cutting my expenses big time for the next 3 months.

Needing: still needing that new lappy.

Smelling: nothing distinctive really.

Wearing: a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt.

Following:¬†Devin on YouTube. He’s a super talented travel and adventure videographer. You should check him out.

Noticing: that my face has become way clearer since I started cleansing and toning it almost daily. Thumbs up¬†to that!¬†ūüôā

Knowing: that travel blogging has become a big part of me. I always look forward to putting up new posts and all the jazz of editing pictures that comes with it. It literally satisfies me.

Thinking:¬†of polishing my finger nails right after publishing this post.¬†I find finger nails to be high maintenance by the way. That’s why I hardly apply polish on them. Coloured polish that is. Because colourless polish doesn’t count.

Feeling: exhausted! I had class the whole morning and a lecture in the afternoon that left me with a headache to nurse. SMH.

Opening:¬†about to open a can of pineapples. They’re part of my smoothie recipe tonight.

Watching: Scandal, now that the new season is out! Woop woop!

Giggling:¬†smiling at the fact that I don’t have exams at the end of this semester. It’s gonna be a long winter holiday people! ūüôā Summer will be shorter though, because then I’ll have 7 exams to sit for.

Always be kind.



In My Camera Bag.


I recently purchased what I love to call my “photography starter kit”. Every thing I bought was carefully thought of and I’m really proud to have. I do tend to use my phone more than my camera to take pictures though because it’s way lighter and more convenient.

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what I currently keep in my camera bag:

1. Sony NEX-3N.

With a 32GB memory card and a fully (I try to keep it that way) charged battery.

2. 18-50mm lens.

This is the lens that came with the camera. Also came with a UV filter.

3. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Like 80% of my entire gallery is shot on this little device. If only they made good quality DSLR cameras in this size…

4. JOBY GorillaPod.

I got the small one for my phone since I tend to use it more. I wouldn’t use it with¬†my camera because of the heavy lens.

5. Selfie stick with bluetooth.

I have to admit that I’ve never used it for any of my pictures, yet. I have a strong feeling that when I do finally use it, I’ll try to modify it to a tripod and mount it to some base rather than hold it myself. ūüôā

6. Power bank.

This portable charger is, again, just for my phone since it’s my most used device and the power runs out faster than the camera’s.

Always be kind.



Taking Stock: 002


It’s the last week of my summer holiday. I’m leaving for school in two days and as much as I’m excited to be drawing closer to getting my degree, I’m also kinda sad to be leaving home and my family. Being around them is always therapeutic.

Making: packing for school already.

Eating:¬†lots of tropical fruits. Avocados, pawpaws, coconuts, ¬†mangoes, pineapples…haha! That last fruit reminds me of Kevin Hart though! ūüėÄ High five if you know what I’m talking about.

Drinking: smoothies every other day.

Reading:¬†remember that book I talked about last time? The BNF 63? Yep, it’s all mine now and I’m still on it.

Wanting: to pause my life every happy moment that goes by.

Playing: Afropop music mixes whenever I get a chance to.

Wasting:¬†wasted so much time on relaxed¬†hair. I decided to go natural for my final 2 years in uni. It’s¬†way easier to maintain.

Creating: a shopping list for school. And 90% of it is hair stuff.

Wishing:¬†the next long holiday could start already. I know, I know…I’m not even done with this one yet.

Enjoying: having my fro out before I braid it again.

Liking: baby blue nail polish.

Wondering:¬†what it’s gonna take to have smooth & clear skin again. Between acne, change of weather and water, my face has had it.

Loving:¬†my creative side…A LOT. ūüôā

Hoping: for an excellent 5th year in uni.

Marveling: at how much I’ve grown up over the last couple of years.

Looking: forward to my flight back to school. I love being in the air. I wish I could fly more often than I do.

Needing: a new lappy.

Smelling:¬†lavender. Just got outta the shower!¬†You know, just incase you were wondering. ūüėČ

Wearing: my jammies.

Following:¬†Adanna’s YouTube channel faithfully. So excited that she’s expecting a lil one this coming January! ūüôā Oh, and in case you haven’t heard of her before, she’s an amazing, recently graduated MD who makes YouTube videos.

Noticing: that I’ve been wearing my fave pair of blue jeans almost every other day. You’ll see what I’m talking about when my holiday posts start going up. ūüôā

Knowing: that¬†life is special and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Thinking: of ways to start earning money before my graduation.

Feeling:¬†lighter. Lemme put it this way. My head feels lighter. I’ve had faux locks on¬†up until a few hours ago so…

Opening: a savings account once I get back to school.

Watching: 1000 Ways to Die. Good vibes only, though. Good vibes only.

Giggling:¬†smiling at the fact that I’m now an aunty to 6¬†little ones and there are twins coming up soon as well! So proud of my siblings and their amazing families. God bless them.

Always be kind.



Taking Stock: 001


I’ve been juggling with the idea of starting a new, exciting, monthly series on the blog for days now. The taking-stock series was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Sharon Mundia.

To be honest, the main reason I’m doing this is¬†because I’m a full-time student with a very demanding school schedule, and trying to balance that out with travel blogging can get really tricky.

See, when I started this blog, I set out to put up 3 destination posts every month. But since I get only about 2 months of holiday a year, that initial plan is proving to be a bit difficult, for now.

So instead of 3 destination posts a month, I’ll put up 2. And as the last post of each month (every 25th), I’ll write a taking-stock post.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do writing it! ūüôā

Here we go:

Making: plans on visiting a couple of new & interesting places that I’ll be sharing with you on the blog soon enough.

Eating:¬†less junk & candy and more healthy food. I just had my first root canal procedure done on one of my¬†incisors. I’d initially just gone in for a tooth refill but after looking at the¬†x-ray my dentist said the damage was a lot more¬†extensive that I thought.

Drinking: Water. Lots of it. I now order water with my food at restaurants as opposed to soda or juice.

Reading: Umm…nothing lately. Oh, wait! There’s this pharmacology book that belongs to my brother. I’ve been on it, alright. It’s simply written, but oh so detailed!

Wanting: to go up the roof so bad. It’s already 6:31 pm and the sunset should be gorgeous right now. I went up at 6:50 pm yesterday and only managed to watch it for a couple of¬†seconds.

Playing: with the cutest¬†baby nieces and nephews! They’re all convinced that I’m their cousin and not aunty for some reason, although they know very well that their grandparents are my parents. ūüėÄ

Wasting: no money. I need all I can save up for future trips, you know.

Creating: title pictures for the upcoming blog posts.

Wishing: I had more holiday time. Like 2 more months or something.

Enjoying: watching dad and mum play¬†double standards on me and my nieces and nephews. Just after my root canal treatment, on the drive¬†home, my folks gave me the pep talk on how I shouldn’t take junk food any more.¬†We got home a few minutes later and mama and papa gave the babies sweets and biscuits!! ūüėģ Haha! Now I understand¬†why grandparents are¬†the coolest people you’ll ever know.

Liking: photography more and more each day.

Wondering: when this cold will leave me alone. ūüė¶ I hate feeling sick.

Loving: every minute I spend at home. I’ve been here for a little while now and I don’t want the holiday to ever end.

Hoping: that the sunset today is as pretty (if not prettier) as yesterday’s.

Marveling: at how lovely faux dreadlocks look.

Looking: for ways to increase my holiday/travel days.

Needing: a kiondo.

Smelling: literally¬†nothing. I have a cold. ūüė¶

Wearing: my 2 favourite Kenyan bracelets and my Gemini one all the time. You gotta love accessories that have a sentimental meaning.

Following: only the best YouTube vlogger yet! Casey Neistat. You’re welcome.

Noticing: that I’m¬†less stressed out with my natural hair on than I am with it when it’s relaxed.

Knowing: that I need to be more cautious when it comes to my teeth.

Thinking: about owning a country home as soon as possible.

Feeling: very, very grateful for my parents. They’re the most special people in the world to me and I’m always thankful for having them. ‚̧

Opening: my Instagram feed every other minute! Oops! ūüėģ

Watching: lots of documentaries. This has been my cup of tea lately.

Giggling: at how cute the little ones who call me aunty (never, but they should) can be.

Always be kind.



Finding Your Passion.


You know that time when you are about to sit for¬†your final exams in high school and there’s this big decision you have to make¬†on what you want to be for the rest of your life? Yeah, that time. That time when you are expected to choose between being¬†a lawyer, or a writer, or a firefighter. And feeling that you have to¬†do¬†that and only that for the rest of your life.

Well, that moment¬†is overrated. That choise you make, is overrated. And as much as you feel like you know what you want to do for the rest of your life, trust me, you don’t. And you probably won’t for a while. And that’s fine.

You see, this is how it works. When you get to college or university, you grow. Your mind expands. Your imagination broadens and so do your interests. And you find yourself in love with things you didn’t know you even liked. Like I have with photography, and blogging, and travel. Things that make me wake up at night wondering when morning will come so that I can get up and keep doing them.

Point is, don’t¬†feel like you have to decide on what you want to spend the rest of your life doing when you are still a teenager. Dang, not even in your early twenties. Keep your mind open. Try new things. Find out what excites you. Ask yourself if you would still do it even if it was¬†for free. You know, just because you enjoy it. Would you spend hours just to make sure that you give your best at whatever it is? Now¬†that, that is your passion. And you shouldn’t give up on it. And if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. It’s never too late.¬†Be driven by¬†your happiness.¬†Not acceptance by society. Not easy ways out. And definitely not money. ūüôā

Always be kind.