In My Camera Bag.


I recently purchased what I love to call my “photography starter kit”. Every thing I bought was carefully thought of and I’m really proud to have. I do tend to use my phone more than my camera to take pictures though because it’s way lighter and more convenient.

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what I currently keep in my camera bag:

1. Sony NEX-3N.

With a 32GB memory card and a fully (I try to keep it that way) charged battery.

2. 18-50mm lens.

This is the lens that came with the camera. Also came with a UV filter.

3. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Like 80% of my entire gallery is shot on this little device. If only they made good quality DSLR cameras in this size…

4. JOBY GorillaPod.

I got the small one for my phone since I tend to use it more. I wouldn’t use it with my camera because of the heavy lens.

5. Selfie stick with bluetooth.

I have to admit that I’ve never used it for any of my pictures, yet. I have a strong feeling that when I do finally use it, I’ll try to modify it to a tripod and mount it to some base rather than hold it myself. 🙂

6. Power bank.

This portable charger is, again, just for my phone since it’s my most used device and the power runs out faster than the camera’s.

Always be kind.