Taking Stock: 003


My first month as a 5th year medical student is almost coming to an end as I write this and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the school year goes. So far so good. The clinical cycles are more intense now and so are my professors, which makes me realize how closer and closer I keep getting to finally be working as a doctor! 😮

Let’s take our monthly stock now, shall we? 🙂

Making: lists of places that I would like to visit next year.

Eating: taking my multivitamins regularly.

Drinking: smoothies for breakfast now. I got myself a blender and it’s still watermelon season over here! Those two combined is just HEAVEN!

Reading: about to study for my gynaecology class tomorrow.

Wanting: the gynaecology cycle to last a bit longer. It’s one of the top 3 specialties I’m considering pursuing.

Playing: this and this Ali Kiba songs over and over again. Thank me later. 🙂

Wasting: wasted quite an amount of money this September. All because I hadn’t budgeted for the month as I normally do. I feel so bad because I might have saved that money and used it for a couple of trips in future. 😦

Creating: taking pictures for my next blog post already.

Wishing: for world peace. The situation in Syria fills me with sorrow. 😦

Enjoying: the summer that has refused to leave. It’s already autumn but middays are still burning at 31 degrees celsius. I just love the fact that I can throw on a short dress and a pair of cute sandals and be off to class. Simple!

Liking: the fact that I don’t have any lectures on Saturdays. So my weekends pretty much start at midday every Saturday. It could be worse. 🙂

Wondering: when I’ll finally get to repair my braids because they’re starting to look a bit…you know. :/

Loving: my new room. I moved into a new, cheaper and way prettier apartment earlier this month. Also, my housemates are really cool! 🙂

Hoping: to do well in all the clinical cycles I have left.

Marveling: at how pretty flowers still manage to look given the extreme temperatures around here lately.

Looking: forward to getting my savings on check. I’m planning on cutting my expenses big time for the next 3 months.

Needing: still needing that new lappy.

Smelling: nothing distinctive really.

Wearing: a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt.

Following: Devin on YouTube. He’s a super talented travel and adventure videographer. You should check him out.

Noticing: that my face has become way clearer since I started cleansing and toning it almost daily. Thumbs up to that! 🙂

Knowing: that travel blogging has become a big part of me. I always look forward to putting up new posts and all the jazz of editing pictures that comes with it. It literally satisfies me.

Thinking: of polishing my finger nails right after publishing this post. I find finger nails to be high maintenance by the way. That’s why I hardly apply polish on them. Coloured polish that is. Because colourless polish doesn’t count.

Feeling: exhausted! I had class the whole morning and a lecture in the afternoon that left me with a headache to nurse. SMH.

Opening: about to open a can of pineapples. They’re part of my smoothie recipe tonight.

Watching: Scandal, now that the new season is out! Woop woop!

Giggling: smiling at the fact that I don’t have exams at the end of this semester. It’s gonna be a long winter holiday people! 🙂 Summer will be shorter though, because then I’ll have 7 exams to sit for.

Always be kind.