Solo Travel: Pros & Cons.


I’ve been on the road travelling solo for a couple of days now and it’s safe to say that this is quickly becoming my favourite way to see new places.

Let’s get straight to the pros then, shall we?

1. Total freedom.

No compromise. I really love the fact that I can change my mind/itinerary as many times in a day as I want and not have to worry about inconveniencing a travel partner.

2. More interaction with locals and others with similar interests.

Hence cultural exchange. It comes automatically. You become more approachable to others and since you’re alone, you sorta have to initiate conversations as well to ask for directions, recommendations etc.

3. You make more friends.

Most of the people you’ll come into contact with are definitely sailing in the same boat as you are and similar interests are a great base to friendships.

4. An opportunity to spoil yourself.

Who doesn’t love travel? Invest in yourself every once in a while. Go someplace nice and treat yourself to whatever you want. The kind of fulfilment you’ll get is worth so much more than what you could ever get from somebody else.

5. Personal growth.

When you’re on the road, alone, you automatically find yourself reflecting on life. The kind of paths you want to take. What impact you want to make to society. What your purpose is in life. This is a journey of self discovery and at the end of each trip you’ll have learnt so much about what makes you happy and what exactly you should be pursuing and dedicating your time to.

Now, onto the cons:

1. The blues.

There are going to be days (minutes rather) when you’ll wish that you were home at the comfort of more familiar streets and people. But that soon goes away as you begin to realise that those are the same reasons you decided to leave and look for adventure in the first place.

2. Pervs take advantage.

I hate this part.

3. You pay more.

For accommodation, activities and pretty much everything else. You see, when you have a travel partner there’s the “split-costs” option that allows both of you to get more for less.  Also, people in the service industry love groups. They see groups and see more profit. They see a solo traveller and see, well, not so much. And no one gives discounts to “not so much”. 😦

4. Exhaustion.

I love to walk. Especially when I’m alone. And I love seeing as many places in a day as I can. So when you put these two together, you have yourself a girl who struggles to get out of bed on by every fourth day in a new location! Like literally. On these days I’m almost always just having my meals in bed and watching movies. 🙂

5. I can’t think of any more cons.

I guess it’s just that good! 🙂

Always be kind.