Top 5 Things To Do In Moscow.


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Today, I’m gonna share with you the top 5 places I think you need to visit if you’re ever in Moscow.

Here we go:

1.The Red Square.


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2. Alexander Gardens.


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3. Arkhangelskoye Palace.


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4. Gorky Park.


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5. Moscow Metro.


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My Kenyan Bucket List.


I never really travelled much growing up, even within my own country. So I ended up assuming that there’s nothing much to see. Boy, was I wrong.

Kenya is one of the top safari destinations in the world, home to lots of wildlife and filled with amazing landscapes.

Studying abroad, I’ve been in awe of how much people from other countries love and would like to visit my country. This got me feeling like I’m sitting on a gold mine and completely clueless about it. How sad, huh?

Yeah, not any more though. Starting this summer, I’m going to visit as many cool places as I can within Kenya. And what if I don’t clear my list before I return to school? Well, that’s alright. Because it will always be home to me. And no matter how many new places I’ll live in, I’ll always go back home. 🙂

Here are the top places I would love to visit in Kenya:

1. Mt. Kenya

2. Lake Turkana

3. Maasai Mara

4. Fourteen Falls

5. Samburu

6. Giraffe Centre

7. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

8. Nairobi National Park

9. Lamu

10. Amboseli National Park

11. Malindi

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