The Best Instagram Travel Accounts To Follow.


Hello beautiful! ūüôā

I hope you are doing well.

Thought I’d share a couple of my favourite Instagram travel accounts with you today.

I find these girls so inspiring and I absolutely¬†love¬†their pictures.¬†Such an¬†adventurous bunch! ūüôā

1. @slj_gone_walkabout


2. @leahliyah


3. @helloemilie


4. @theworldupcloser


5. @worldwanderlust


And of course not forgetting yours truly…

6. @diana_ratemo


Always be kind.



5 Simple Ways To Edit Pictures.


Did you know that you could take a simple picture with your phone, then edit it, and make it look like it was taken by a professional photographer using some thousand-dollar DSLR? Oh, yes you can!

Thanks to picture editing, you can work magic on your photos to make them look a million times better. I usually use Picasa to edit my pictures. It’s a free software application that allows you to manipulate your images in a good number of ways.

Before posting my photos online, I normally polish them with the very simple edits below:

1. Crop the picture.

To make sure you only have the necessary elements within your frame.

2. Adjust brightness.

Photos originally appear a little bit too dark and need just a bit of brightening up to bring them to life.

3. Add saturation.

This is a sent-from-above effect. Throw in a little concentration here and there and your pictures will look heavenly.

4. Reduce warmth.

Looking red in photos is not a thing. I’ve been guilty of this before, so believe me when I tell yah,¬†it ain’t a thing.

5. Use filters, sparingly.

This one’s subjective and is based on your preference. Try out all the filters out there and decide which ones make your photos look amazing. ūüôā Don’t overdo it, though.

Always be kind.