How To Take: Stunning Pictures Of Wildlife.


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Hope you are all doing great.

Today, I’m gonna share a few tips with you on how to take amazing pictures of wildlife.

1. Blend In.

Make an effort to blend in with the environment. It will increase the chances of you getting a more natural shot. You know. Since you are not sticking out like a sore thumb in the wilderness.

2. Angle and Lighting.

Most animals love seeking shade under trees and all. This makes it hard to take pictures of them since they may appear darker than they should. So you need to work your way around those shadows. Go to the other side of the animal maybe. Very smoothly though. Then take your shot.

3. Composition tells The Story.

Get as much of the natural habitat as the animals you are capturing into your frame. This lets viewers have an idea of what’s going on without having to say a word.

4. Steady Hands.

Wildlife can be unpredictable. One minute they’re “posing” for a shot and the next they are running away from you. As much as you would love to run after them and shoot, you’re much better off standing still and zooming in. While keeping the camera very steady so as to avoid blurry images.

5. Timing and Persistence.

Those “Magic Shots” don’t just happen. You have to be really patient. Observe the wildlife. Admire them. Enjoy the moment. Take it all in. And take a couple of pictures as you do so. Your “Magic Shot” will be in there somewhere when you finally relax and go through the photos you took.

Always be kind.



5 Cool Ways To Keep Memories Of Your Trips.


We’ve all had that post-trip fever. You know, that few days after getting back home, when¬†you’re already back to your work or school schedule, you wake up at 6 in the morning and get in the shower, and as the water drips all over your body you go like, “Damn! I wish I was still in *insert exotic destination here*.” Yeah, that fever.

The memories you make during your trips need to be saved and stored for these kinds of days so that you can re-live the trips over and over again.

Here are a couple of ways you can do that:

1. Print pictures.

Probably my favourite way to keep memories. Pictures are such good visual ways to freeze all those amazing moments you had during your trips.


2. Get souvenirs.

I love collecting sentimental jewellery like bracelets and necklaces. Shirts and jumpers are pretty good too.


3. Collect currencies.

You can never use up all the foreign money you’ve had¬†during your trip. So how about storing all the change in cute little jars at home. Or even get creative and make some sort of collage with them, then hang it on your walls.

4. Write stories.

I write mine on this blog. You could also make a scrap-book and fill it with all the interesting experiences you’ve had.

5. Share your experiences.

Whether you are verbally telling the stories to your family, or virtually sharing the pictures with your friends on social media, it all helps you re-live the amazing trips you’ve taken.

Always be kind.



How to Take Perfect Travel Photos.


There’s only so much you can physically leave with from your travels. And I think that’s why photography was invented! ūüôā

You see, pictures are not only personal memories that will last a lifetime, but also make amazing stories that you will be able to share with friends and family for a pretty long time…like your grandchildren will also sit down to listen to them one day.

And that’s why you need to make sure that you capture as much as you possibly can in each frame. Below are a few simple guidelines that should help you do just that:

1. Where?

Outdoors definitely. Hotel rooms and¬†bathroom selfies don’t make for interesting stories at all. Scout for locations that make the best, authentic and beautiful backdrops. Someone should be able to tell where you are from what you’ve captured.

2. What?

Now, this refers to the atmosphere and subjects/objects that you’ll be capturing. Try to include as much as you can in your frame so as to compliment the main subject.

3. When?

I personally love pictures taken in the middle of the day because that’s when natural light is at it’s best. Sunrises and sunsets are also good for those who love playing around with the concept of light and shadows. I don’t like the in-betweens though.

4. Who?

For those travelling solo, as I do most of the time, you’ll need to¬†ask someone to take a picture of you. That’s after you’ve spotted the location, background and all that jazz so that you can quickly let them know how you want the picture to appear.

5. Click!

Now watch me whip! Now watch me nae nae! ūüôā I couldn’t help myself… ūüėģ Have fun at it and don’t forget to take in and enjoy every moment!

Always be kind.



5 Simple Ways To Edit Pictures.


Did you know that you could take a simple picture with your phone, then edit it, and make it look like it was taken by a professional photographer using some thousand-dollar DSLR? Oh, yes you can!

Thanks to picture editing, you can work magic on your photos to make them look a million times better. I usually use Picasa to edit my pictures. It’s a free software application that allows you to manipulate your images in a good number of ways.

Before posting my photos online, I normally polish them with the very simple edits below:

1. Crop the picture.

To make sure you only have the necessary elements within your frame.

2. Adjust brightness.

Photos originally appear a little bit too dark and need just a bit of brightening up to bring them to life.

3. Add saturation.

This is a sent-from-above effect. Throw in a little concentration here and there and your pictures will look heavenly.

4. Reduce warmth.

Looking red in photos is not a thing. I’ve been guilty of this before, so believe me when I tell yah,¬†it ain’t a thing.

5. Use filters, sparingly.

This one’s subjective and is based on your preference. Try out all the filters out there and decide which ones make your photos look amazing. ūüôā Don’t overdo it, though.

Always be kind.



How to make Every Day an Adventure.


Feeling bored lately? Then this post is definitely for you. Try incorporating this few tips into your daily routine and watch the magic unfold. Ok, not magic per se but something close to that. ūüôā

1. Meet someone new.

Strike a conversation with a random stranger, or somebody you see on a daily basis but never talked to. You might just learn a thing or two. Or better yet, make a new friend! ¬†ūüôā

2. Eat/drink something new.

Something you’ve never tried before.

3. Go someplace new.

Take a short random trip to the next town, or any part of your town that you’ve never been to.

4. Shake up your routine.

Doing the same things, day in day out, the same way, can get a little boring. So change it up a bit. Maybe wake up earlier than usual to take a walk. Or use a different mode of transport to school/work.

5. Welcome new opportunities with open arms.

Most of us get scared by the idea of change. So much that we pass up opportunities to work in different cities, live in new apartments, or even take part in events that we’d usually¬†never attended. Personally, as much as I hate moving, I find changing apartments every other year to be such a breath of fresh air! ūüôā

Any more tips you would like to share? Lemme know in the comments below.

Always be kind.



5 Fun Ways to Learn a New Language.


It’s quite a challenge being in a new country where almost no one speaks your language. So, apart from the normal language classes you can take, here are a few ways to make the process a little more interesting:

1. Music.

The best way to do this is to get versions of your favorite songs, but sang in the new language¬†and then put them on repeat. Now, sing and dance along honey! ūüôā

2. Movies.

You can never go wrong with animated movies. If you are just starting out, I would recommend watching the movie in a familiar language with subtitles in the foreign language.

3. Local TV.

Watch it. You’ll thank me later.

4. Games.

There are so many free apps,¬†games and quizzes that you can take a moment to check out as you go along with your daily activities…perhaps play a game of scrabble during breakfast even.

5. Friends and locals.

Now get out there and practice. Speak as much as you can and as often as you can. You’ll get¬†much more confident with time, even though you don’t pronounce some words right and your accent is a mess in the beginning.

Always be kind.



5 Ways to Save Money for Travel.


So most people have this idea that traveling is only for the rich with money to spare and so on. Truth is, travel is for anyone who prioritizes it. If it’s that important to you, you’ll make it happen. No matter what.

Below are a couple of tips to help you save up for that trip you’ve always dreamed of:

1. Give up expensive habits.

Unnecessary shopping, exotic dinners, always going to the movies, pricey gym memberships, taking taxis everywhere…you know what I¬†mean. Swap these for cheaper alternatives like¬†home-made meals¬†&¬†workouts etc to reduce your budget and increase your savings.

2. Make a monthly budget.

Record all your expenses, from how much you spend on accommodation to all those little snacks you buy every day and figure a way to minimise costs on everything you spend on.

And stick to your planned budget, unless there’s an emergency.

3. Save little amounts every day.

When you save little amounts consistently over a period of time, you won’t feel the pinch as much as¬†when you put aside¬†a lot of money, but only once or twice a month.

4. Open a savings account.

Open a savings account that allows you to earn interest with time. A good way to make extra cash.

5. Keep your eye on the price.

Always remember why you are saving, so as to motivate yourself to keep up at it.

Always be kind.