Taking Stock: 001


I’ve been juggling with the idea of starting a new, exciting, monthly series on the blog for days now. The taking-stock series was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Sharon Mundia.

To be honest, the main reason I’m doing this is because I’m a full-time student with a very demanding school schedule, and trying to balance that out with travel blogging can get really tricky.

See, when I started this blog, I set out to put up 3 destination posts every month. But since I get only about 2 months of holiday a year, that initial plan is proving to be a bit difficult, for now.

So instead of 3 destination posts a month, I’ll put up 2. And as the last post of each month (every 25th), I’ll write a taking-stock post.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do writing it! 🙂

Here we go:

Making: plans on visiting a couple of new & interesting places that I’ll be sharing with you on the blog soon enough.

Eating: less junk & candy and more healthy food. I just had my first root canal procedure done on one of my incisors. I’d initially just gone in for a tooth refill but after looking at the x-ray my dentist said the damage was a lot more extensive that I thought.

Drinking: Water. Lots of it. I now order water with my food at restaurants as opposed to soda or juice.

Reading: Umm…nothing lately. Oh, wait! There’s this pharmacology book that belongs to my brother. I’ve been on it, alright. It’s simply written, but oh so detailed!

Wanting: to go up the roof so bad. It’s already 6:31 pm and the sunset should be gorgeous right now. I went up at 6:50 pm yesterday and only managed to watch it for a couple of seconds.

Playing: with the cutest baby nieces and nephews! They’re all convinced that I’m their cousin and not aunty for some reason, although they know very well that their grandparents are my parents. 😀

Wasting: no money. I need all I can save up for future trips, you know.

Creating: title pictures for the upcoming blog posts.

Wishing: I had more holiday time. Like 2 more months or something.

Enjoying: watching dad and mum play double standards on me and my nieces and nephews. Just after my root canal treatment, on the drive home, my folks gave me the pep talk on how I shouldn’t take junk food any more. We got home a few minutes later and mama and papa gave the babies sweets and biscuits!! 😮 Haha! Now I understand why grandparents are the coolest people you’ll ever know.

Liking: photography more and more each day.

Wondering: when this cold will leave me alone. 😦 I hate feeling sick.

Loving: every minute I spend at home. I’ve been here for a little while now and I don’t want the holiday to ever end.

Hoping: that the sunset today is as pretty (if not prettier) as yesterday’s.

Marveling: at how lovely faux dreadlocks look.

Looking: for ways to increase my holiday/travel days.

Needing: a kiondo.

Smelling: literally nothing. I have a cold. 😦

Wearing: my 2 favourite Kenyan bracelets and my Gemini one all the time. You gotta love accessories that have a sentimental meaning.

Following: only the best YouTube vlogger yet! Casey Neistat. You’re welcome.

Noticing: that I’m less stressed out with my natural hair on than I am with it when it’s relaxed.

Knowing: that I need to be more cautious when it comes to my teeth.

Thinking: about owning a country home as soon as possible.

Feeling: very, very grateful for my parents. They’re the most special people in the world to me and I’m always thankful for having them. ❤

Opening: my Instagram feed every other minute! Oops! 😮

Watching: lots of documentaries. This has been my cup of tea lately.

Giggling: at how cute the little ones who call me aunty (never, but they should) can be.

Always be kind.