Taking Stock: 006


Making: a movie for my upcoming blog anniversary. It’s been a year full of adventure! 🙂

Eating: breakfast as I write this.

Drinking: lots of water. A 5 litre bottle doesn’t last more than 3 days over here. 🙂

Reading: traumatology books.

Wanting: it to snow. Its been a dry holiday season.

Playing: Photogragh by Ed Sheeran.

Wasting: no time in getting my 2016 travel diary filled.

Creating: lists of places I’d love to visit in 2016.

Wishing: I was spending the holiday season with my family back at home.

Enjoying: a cup of milk.

Liking: Brooke’s travel blog.

Wondering: where I’m going to live after I graduate. You know, like where I’m going to build a home.

Loving: Patricia Bright’s videos. She’s hilarious!

Hoping: that everyone is healthy and happy.

Marveling: at the pretty roses my love got me last night. 🙂

Looking: through my travel blog and loving how everything has turned out so far.

Needing: a massage.

Smelling: peanut butter. I’m taking breakfast. 🙂

Wearing: a chunky orange sweater and denim shorts.

Following: lots of travel photographers on Instagram. Hello Emilie is my favourite.

Knowing: that I should always say yes to the things that make me happy.

Thinking: of how fast the year has gone by.

Feeling: very, very blessed. And thankful.

Opening: nothing.

Watching: just watched Concussion, a movie featuring Will Smith. His art is impeccable in this one.

Giggling: laughing at some video that went viral on YouTube called Instagram Husband. You’ll love it! 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Always be kind,



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