St. Petersburg, Russia. 4


Remember that time I took a trip to St. Petersburg? Well, there’s one more day that I haven’t shared with you yet. The last day.

I decided to save the best for last and visit the Peterhof Palace just before I left. Peterhof is an immensely luxurious royal estate that lies on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Founded by Peter the Great, the entire place is filled with beautiful fountains, statues, palaces and gardens.

I got there in the evening because it’s always scorching hot at midday during summer. No one told me though, that the fountains only work up to 5pm. So with only 10 minutes left, I hurriedly paid for my ticket (I think it cost about 5 USD), walked through security and found my way to the grand fountains. Oh, it was magnificent! Even with the few minutes that I had left, I still managed to admire the amazing show from a very strategic place.

After 5, I strolled down to the Baltic Sea, which starts at the foot of the Lower Gardens. It was all so serene. They say you could spot Finland on the other side. I did see a landmass, but I’m not quite sure if that was indeed Finland.














Always be kind.



20 thoughts on “St. Petersburg, Russia. 4

      1. I spent a summer in Russia studying Russian. It was during that summer that I met the woman who would become my wife. I spent part of another summer visit universities as part of a partnership development project. I have been a few times to lecture and for conferences. I did not feel comfortable my last few visits as Putin had been whipping up the ant-Westernism. Several Russians were rude to my wife simply because she married me.

        1. Aaw…feels like I’m reading a fairy tale! 🙂 It’s sad though, how they treat your wife now. 😦 Hope it gets better soon. It’s so unfortunate that quite a number of people are so narrow minded and find it hard to accept diversity. So unfortunate. 😦

  1. Hey Diana,
    Nice post! When I plan my Russian trip, I’m definitely going to come back here and re-read.

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