Visa Free Countries For Kenyan Passport Holders.


I’ve always whined about having so many travel restrictions because I hold a Kenyan Passport, but not any more. I’m not a fan of visa application processes and I’ve always wished that it was just all about buying the ticket and leaving. If only it was that simple.

So I’ve chosen to look at the glass as being half full rather than half empty, because that way, I’ll be more grateful and happy about the blessings that I already have, instead of being grumpy and sad about the things that I can’t change.

After searching around on the internet, I found out that there are quite a number of countries that allow visa free entry to Kenyan Passport Holders.

Here they go, in alphabetical order:

1. Antigua & Barbuda

2. Bahamas

3. Botswana

4. British Virgin Islands

5. Burundi

6. Barbados

7. Cayman Islands

8. Comoros

9. Costa Rica

10. Dominica

11. Dominican Republic

12. Ethiopia

13. Fiji

14. Grenada

15. Ghana

16. Haiti

17. Hong Kong

18. Jamaica

19. Lesotho

20. Macau

21. Malaysia

22. Malawi

23. Micronesia

24. Montserrat

25. Namibia

26. Nauru

27. Panama

28. Philippines

29. Rwanda

30. Saint Helena

31. Saint Kitts & Nevis

32. Saint Vincent Grenadines

33. Samoa

34. Seychelles

35. Singapore

36. Swaziland

37. Tanzania

38. Trinidad & Tobago

39. Tuvalu

40. Uganda

41. Vanuatu

42. Zambia

43. Zimbabwe

Do contact the embassies of the countries you plan to visit prior to your trip to find out whether there are any requirements that need to be taken care of beforehand.

Always be kind.



25 thoughts on “Visa Free Countries For Kenyan Passport Holders.

  1. I so know how you feel. But 43 countries is not bad at all 🙂 We used to feel the same about our Indian passports too. But a little research uncovered some lovely countries for us to visit 🙂

          1. We’re most certainly trying 🙂 Oddly enough we seem to travel to countries with stringent visa requirements. Simply because they are so much closer and more accessible in the short leave spells we get here 🙂

  2. You forgot the Cook Islands! We allow visa free entry for anyone for up to 31 days 😀 . The only problem with here (And Samoa and Tuvalu I think) is that you need to come through New Zealand (Sometimes Australia & LA have direct flights too). But worth it!!

    1. Oh, hey Teuru! 🙂 I didn’t know that the Cook Islands also allow visa-free entry…it’s gorgeous out there. Just perused through a couple of pictures and I’m absolutely stunned by the beaches! ❤ I've also just read about the 31-day visa free stay…pretty cool. Thanks for pointing that out Teuru. ❤

    1. Very true, Danielle. 🙂 I, personally, think Europe is a little bit too overrated. My top 3 would be Seychelles, Costa Rica and Fiji…because of the beaches! 🙂

    1. Hey Sreejith! 🙂 Actually, one of my friends from India just told me the exact same thing during a lecture today! 🙂 Now I’m seriously thinking of taking a trip there as soon as possible…like really soon.

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