Taking Stock: 002


It’s the last week of my summer holiday. I’m leaving for school in two days and as much as I’m excited to be drawing closer to getting my degree, I’m also kinda sad to be leaving home and my family. Being around them is always therapeutic.

Making: packing for school already.

Eating: lots of tropical fruits. Avocados, pawpaws, coconuts,  mangoes, pineapples…haha! That last fruit reminds me of Kevin Hart though! 😀 High five if you know what I’m talking about.

Drinking: smoothies every other day.

Reading: remember that book I talked about last time? The BNF 63? Yep, it’s all mine now and I’m still on it.

Wanting: to pause my life every happy moment that goes by.

Playing: Afropop music mixes whenever I get a chance to.

Wasting: wasted so much time on relaxed hair. I decided to go natural for my final 2 years in uni. It’s way easier to maintain.

Creating: a shopping list for school. And 90% of it is hair stuff.

Wishing: the next long holiday could start already. I know, I know…I’m not even done with this one yet.

Enjoying: having my fro out before I braid it again.

Liking: baby blue nail polish.

Wondering: what it’s gonna take to have smooth & clear skin again. Between acne, change of weather and water, my face has had it.

Loving: my creative side…A LOT. 🙂

Hoping: for an excellent 5th year in uni.

Marveling: at how much I’ve grown up over the last couple of years.

Looking: forward to my flight back to school. I love being in the air. I wish I could fly more often than I do.

Needing: a new lappy.

Smelling: lavender. Just got outta the shower! You know, just incase you were wondering. 😉

Wearing: my jammies.

Following: Adanna’s YouTube channel faithfully. So excited that she’s expecting a lil one this coming January! 🙂 Oh, and in case you haven’t heard of her before, she’s an amazing, recently graduated MD who makes YouTube videos.

Noticing: that I’ve been wearing my fave pair of blue jeans almost every other day. You’ll see what I’m talking about when my holiday posts start going up. 🙂

Knowing: that life is special and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Thinking: of ways to start earning money before my graduation.

Feeling: lighter. Lemme put it this way. My head feels lighter. I’ve had faux locks on up until a few hours ago so…

Opening: a savings account once I get back to school.

Watching: 1000 Ways to Die. Good vibes only, though. Good vibes only.

Giggling: smiling at the fact that I’m now an aunty to 6 little ones and there are twins coming up soon as well! So proud of my siblings and their amazing families. God bless them.

Always be kind.



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