Playtime at the Beach


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10286887_631409066927286_4619351963957292428_oSometimes all you need is some beach time, to be a “lil kid” again and play all the games you can ever think of. Had so much fun on this day…and night…and the next day! We’d gone camping with a bunch of guys for a weekend.10366168_10152131453853589_6356608197242611202_nAnd when someboy cracks a joke on the side when y’all are trynna look cool for the camera…those are the faces you get.1797621_10152131454013589_469951577152058867_nXOXO,


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20140423_200727This OOTD post is a little overdue. It was still chilly then…sometime late April. Just when I was super excited about spring being around the corner. Well, spring did come, but it was over just as soon as it started. 2 weeks to be precise. That’s Volgograd weather for you. Now it’s just scorching sun from 5a.m to 8p.m. Oh, and just in case it sounds like I’m complaing…I’m not. :) I’d really missed dressing lightly.20140423_20155320140423_200744 20140423_200748Working on keeping the blog up to date before I start my finals. :)




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