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ььSo this past Easter weekend had the perfect weather for some outdoor fun. Decided to visit the Panorama Museum in Volgograd, which contains artifacts from World War II including a panoramic painting of the battlefield from the location of the monument on Mamayev Kurgan (will, hopefully, go there next weekend).

More pictures on instagram.



Coz Breakfasts R Prettier


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оььььььSo my instagram is up and running. :) Trynna act cool about it, but truth is I’ve always dreamt of getting a phone with a cool camera and runs on android…so heck yeah I’m excited!!! :D20140411_132526Today’s late morning breakfast after my pharmacology class. The pictures were taken by a camera phone.20140411_132638Have a lovely weekend!



After Class Brunchin


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So, you know when you’re totally not a morning person, yet you have a 9:00 a.m class on a Saturday and you have to leave the house not later than 8:30 a.m if you wanna get there on time…not because you’re a perfect student like that, but because you are to give an oral presentation of that day’s topic whose name you just called a classmate to ask while you were in the shower…at 8:26 A.M!!!

Yeah, today was that day. Therapy, not being rocket science n stuff, went well, but I couldn’t wait to be done with class so that I could grab myself some real breakfast…not the bite of a banana and a mouthful of water I had in my early morning rush.
IMG_2466Fried egg+Brown bread+Bananas+Oranges+Corn flakes+Apples+Groundnuts+ Raspberry juice+Yogurt

pizap.com10.67428733687847851393061988199Snaps of the week.pizap.com10.63333038846030831392917427799XOXO,



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